Play Kitchen Makeover

Play Kitchen Makeover


For Olivia’s very first Christmas present, I knew we just had to get her a play kitchen!  I loved how adorable this KidKraft white vintage play kitchen was, but I wanted Olivia’s to be more elegant and chic.  With a little bit of styling (for not too much money!), I was able to transform some of the elements to get the look that I wanted.

I spray painted all of the hardware (originally silver) with Rust-Oleum metallic gold.  I would recommend doing a few thin coats with plenty of drying time in between.  Just to be safe, I also sprayed a thin coat of Rust-Oleum clear matte finish as a topcoat, to prevent scraping or peeling.  To get the “marble countertop” look, I covered that one piece with a self-adhesive vinyl film.  When it was all ready to go, my wonderful husband, Phil, assembled it and put it all together!

Olivia loves cooking and baking with her personalized play kitchen every day!  I am so glad that I gave it the little “makeover” that I did.  Below are links to some of the accessories we’ve bought to go along:

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