DIY Monthly Picture Frame

DIY Monthly Picture Frame

Looking back, taking pictures of Olivia every month was one of my favorite things that I did during the first year of her life.  Although it was challenging at times, it was so worth it.  (Feeding her cheese puffs and making silly faces definitely helped with getting Olivia to stay still and smile at the camera!)  I love that I can see how Olivia grew from month to month in the same context.  She grew out of four different white onesies and eventually even started to run out of room on her sheepskin rug!






To make the floral numbers, I bought several bunches of flowers from JoAnn’s and cut them off from the stems.  I got an assortment of peonies, ranunculus, and anemones in varying shades of white and pink.  Every month, I just eyeballed it and arranged them into the numbers. (Tip: Start with the bigger flowers to create the overall shape of the number and fill in with the smaller flowers as you go.)

IMG_2983 2Around when Olivia was eight or nine months, I started to think about how I’d display all of the pictures.  When I found this “window” frame at HomeGoods for $29.99, I knew it was exactly what I needed.  I unscrewed all of the hardware and spray painted it with Rust-Oleum metallic gold.  After carefully placing all of the pictures inside the frame, I wrote the number of each month above in calligraphy with a gold Sharpie paint marker directly on the glass.  (Tip: If you make a mistake, use nail polish remover to erase.)

I was so happy with how it all came together!  I especially enjoy seeing Olivia’s personality come out during each month.  The frame also fit in perfectly with the rest of her first birthday party decor.


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