Somebunny is Two! Birthday Party

Somebunny is Two! Birthday Party

With Olivia’s 2nd birthday falling within the same week as Easter, I thought it’d be perfect timing to go with a bunny theme, which is where “Somebunny is Two!” whimsically came from.  Along with the bunny theme, I repurposed many of the decorations from her first birthday (see previous post) to add some floral touches.  I also repurposed some of the furniture from around our home – using a blanket ladder to hang the floral garland and pictures, using a bookshelf as the dessert table, and using a side table as the stand for the milestone poster!

My wonderful husband, Phil, took pictures of our daughter’s special day.  My favorite florist, Sara from Vale of Enna, created the most beautiful arrangements of light pink, peach, and white ranunculus, peonies, and spray roses.  I went to Urban Icing again for the semi-naked and ruffled cakes.  The bunny theme was subtle, but came together adorably with the bunny ear cake topper, ceramic bunnies, and chocolate covered “carrot” strawberries.

It was such a sweet celebration with family for a sweet girl who brings so much joy, wonder, and beauty to our lives!


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